Our Services

Skilled Nursing Care
We can provide assistance and respond to your medical needs. Our registered nurse will administer medical care services to you. To learn more about our Skilled Nursing Care services, please click here.

Home Health Aide
Assists the patient with personal care, meal preparation, personal hygiene and ambulation under professional supervision. To learn more about our Home Health Aide services, please click here.

Social Services
Deal with social and emotional factors related to illness. We help patient and their family with financial and social resources to improve optimum level of care in the home. To learn more about our Social Services services, please click here.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is a non-drug treatment that maximizes a patient’s physical abilities and comfort levels. This can result in the most effective and quickest recovery. There are many types of activity level. To learn more about our Physical Therapy services, please click here.

Speech Therapy
Stuttering therapy for adults usually means changing long-standing speech behaviors, emotions, and attitudes about talking and communication in general. To learn more about our Speech Therapy services, please click here.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy helps disabled individuals to work toward maximum health and independence via rehabilitation of lost capabilities for work and/or daily living skills. Therapists use a variety of approaches to assess each patient’s needs and to determine how they can best be met. To learn more about our Occupational Therapy services, please click here.

To meet with us for a consultation, please Schedule an Assessment online to be accommodated for an appointment. For patient referral, please call 1-800-803-9004 or fax referral to 213-572-0605 for prompt start of care. For inquiries and other questions, you may also send us a message through our online form.

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